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This is a fun little game. It needs a few more leveles, zombie types and different weapons.

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I just released my first (free) mobile game for android.
Check it out here: ZigZag Escape (Google Play) and let me know what you think!


So cool ! Straightforard and fun 

plese add headshot system

This is my first time trying this game out and I like it.


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Very well made, and I know you probably get this a lot but here are some ideas of things you could add.

- Weapons Menu (to change to different guns (rifle, sniper, ect.)

- In game leaderboard :)

- Add buildings we can go in, (bigger map)

- Pets? Maybe they can fight with you..

- Economical system (earn money from killing)

- Shop: using the money you earn you can buy guns, pets, ect.

- Be able to build? Again building blocks in the shop

- Regenerating health in between "hordes"

- Objects we can pick up and throw (idk for fun xD)

If you need to contact me: 

or for a faster response

Other emails:

Again Awesome game, keep it up :)

-Dave (SOSMC1)

I have a Crashed problem in the game, does anyone know why?

scores ?

What are the boxes for that spawn at the start?


I had a lot of fun with this one! keep creating :)




best game shooter i want to see


Horde 3D TV VR box side by side video


This is a fun game but I think you can update it with some more elements in the map and maybe a bigger map to explore. :)

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Awesome, thanks for the video and feedback!
And yes, you're absolutely right about the map size and the fact that's it's a bit too empty at the moment. I added some more rocks, trees and grass last minute but I should have spent a little more time on it then I did :)

PS: for now you can see the high scores for my game and other Ludum Dare games here: (this leaderboard was setup for the game jam though, so i'm not sure how long it will stay online)

Also, you can right-click your mouse to fire grenades, I probably should have made that a bit clearer instead of just hiding it in the wall of text in the menu :)


Ya, I did say those in the description I found out about the leader board and grenades while I was rendering. LOL